Lu Ka

Torus, Akasha, Heart & Sacred Numbers


Reseña personal/profesional

Lu Ka completed Drunvalo’s School of Remembering® in 2013 and is a licensed teacher of the workshop Awakening the Illuminated Heart®. Lu Ka is an author of the “Sacred Geometry of the Heart” (4 days) and Shamanic Heart Healing® (9 days) workshops which extends from beginner Level 1 to teacher training Level 5. – He has also assisted on Drunvalo’s new workshops: Cosmic Grace – Return to Source! and The Way to Do is to Be. So far, he has facilitated more than 150+ Awakening the illuminated Heart® workshops and more 80+ “Sacred Geometry of the Heart” and “Shamanic Heart Healing® workshops. Occasionally he creates smaller events and one day workshops. Lu Ka is also leading the Awakening Heart Sacred Journeys to Egypt, Sedona AZ, Peru and other sacred locations. Upon the call of the Higher Self he is also available for one-on-one private sessions, which include Shamanic Heart Healing®, Consulting and Imagery.  Lu Ka is mostly teaching in Asia and Europe. His schedule is really full, as he teaches almost every week of the year.

LuKa  Sacred Geometry of the Heart™
Sacred Geometry is part of LuKa;s life. He likes to describe it as a building structure of the universe and through experience we can understand ourselves more and see the world from new perspectives. Maybe because LuKa being more of a right brain person he succeeded to combine the practical and theoretical approach to Sacred geometry in a 4-day workshop. And because all LuKa;s workshops are embraced in a Sacred Space of the Heart atmosphere, this workshop is no exception.

LuKa  Drunvalo Melchizedek  Awakening the illuminated Heart® (ATIH)

Luka is a licensed HEARTMATH TRAINER since 2018 and is having mini one day workshops about the Heart Intelligence.